As trusted provider of carpet flooring, Gisborne’s MODO Flooring has been leading the industry in carpet innovation and offers a wide variety of options that deliver ultimate comfort and style.


Hundreds of options, all of them green.

Carpets made from natural sheep’s wool renewable and biodegradable, and have earned their trust the hard way, by literally standing the test of time.

Wool not only gives you a naturally soft luxurious comfort underfoot; it’s strong and hardwearing structure has natural protection to help fight off staining and soiling. Wool carpeting has proven for years how effective it at noise absorption, and natural flame-resistance. Woollen carpet also absorbs and releases atmospheric moisture and, thanks to its insulating properties, keeps your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

Forget your average carpet stores, Gisborne MODO has a full range of samples on show, or contact us for samples in Christchurch!

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The best of both worlds.

Usually blended 80% wool to 20% synthetic fibre, this carpeting was actually developed by The Wool Board to offer the natural appearance and luxuriance of wool, as well as the hardwearing durability of synthetic fibres. The new carpet blend helps reduce the shedding of fluff that comes with a new woollen carpet.

A wool/synthetic fibre mix can also help hold the “twist” definition in some styles of carpeting, improved durability and reduced short fibre shedding. Talk to your MODO Flooring carpet suppliers today for more information.

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From Brrr to Brilliant

If you’re looking to get your home stylish and warm this is a great option
for everyone, with offerings for the really budget conscious to those
with a top end finish in mind.

Soft underfoot, in a range of modern and traditional colours, hardwearing and cost-effective, synthetic fibres are certainly an option we’re only too glad to chat about with you. What’s more – they’re a lot more stain- and fade-resistant too.

Variants of Synthetic Carpet include:
Piece-dyed Nylon
Solution-dyed Nylon
Triexta Yarn

Pop in to our carpet store in Gisborne to find out more about the advantages of synthetic fibre carpeting for your home now, or book an appointment for us to come see you!

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Carpet tiles are classy, easy and fast to lay, letting you vary colour, texture, pattern and size.

Tiles can be laid to give a minimalistic simple floor or else you can use your imagination and mix and match tiles to create an eye-catching, colourful pattern, making them the focal point of a room. Carpet tiles reduce waste during installation in terms of carpet offcuts, and can be simpler to lay in existing areas due to the ability to lay around furniture etc. From a maintenance point of view, individual tiles can be easily replaced without having to replace complete areas, meaning that versatile and hardwearing carpet tiles are ideal for, and are used extensively in:

• Healthcare
• Retail
• Education
• Hospitality
• Entertainment
• Commercial fit-outs
• Tourism & Hospitality

All carpet tiles MODO supply are made from quality materials that are easy to maintain, and are produced with environmental responsibility in mind.
No matter what your requirements are, we have a carpet tile to suit your needs.

Whether you’re in the market for a woollen carpet in your Christchurch home or need a retail space covered in Gisborne, you can be sure we have the solution to suit your needs.