Where do I start?

There’s so much to consider – budget, décor,
which part of the home you’re furnishing.

Durability is a big factor, as is how easy it is to keep the flooring clean. Hard or Soft flooring? Neutral tones or something that’s more fashionable? We have years and
years of experience that’s yours for the asking – so just come in and ask!

There’s no better place for you to start than right here right now, by booking an appointment for a Free Measure & Quote , or coming in to our Gisborne store to speak with one of our hugely experienced carpeting consultants.

How to measure up:

Carpet and vinyl is quoted in lineal or square metres, so make sure you know
which one you’re measuring for. Some carpets are in widths of 3.66 m,
and others in widths of 4 metres wide.

Vinyl comes in 2, 3 and 4 metre wide rolls, but 2 metres wide is the most common. To find out the square metre price from a lineal price, just divide the lineal metre price by the carpet width (i.e. 3.66 or 4 metres), but remember you also have to take wastage in account – we suggest at least 10%.

Tiles and floorboards vary in both length and width, so make sure you get the maths right before you place an order: the much easier way is to get in touch with MODO to book your free no-obligation professional measure and quote right now!

Free Measure & Quote

It’s all part of our stand-out service to do a free absolutely no-obligation
quote for you. We’ll come out and accurately measure your home or property,
as well as provide you with helpful interior design advice.
Book yours right now; just email us or call MODO toll-free on:

0800 867 028