Timeless tiles.

Easy to install and maintain, smart looking, long-lasting ceramic tiles come in a range of designs and sizes, and can be used in nearly any space.

Tiles also tend to be stain resistant, which makes it much easier to keep them clean. Spills can be wiped up quick-smart, and routine cleaning is a doddle with a mild cleansing solution and sponge mop.

We keep a great range of floor tiles in-store and have access to more than you can imagine, so come in and chat today.

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Ceramic Wall Tiles:

Ultra-modern or period piece, nothing finishes off a bathroom or kitchen like a bit of smart tiling. Quick to clean, easy on the eye and available in myriad sizes, colours and finishes, ceramic wall tiles are something you really should consider when it comes to décor.

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Other Tiles:

Cork – easy-to-install cork tiles are soft and gentle on the feet, making them ideal for spaces where you will be standing for long periods of time, such as a kitchen.

The soft surface of a cork tile floor can act as a kind of cushion, which stretches across the room providing a certain amount of protection in case someone accidentally trips and falls, meaning it’s a superb choice for children’s rooms, allowing them to get down directly on the floor to play without having to worry about hard surfaces and harsh injuries. It’s also an appropriate choice for “senior citizen” living spaces.


Vinyl – hot pressed vinyl planks and tiles offer a really hard-wearing easy to install option for nearly any space you can imagine, but are particularly suited to kitchens, living areas, laundries and bathrooms.

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