The Perfect Finishing Touch

Here at MODO Flooring we earned our stripes as industry pioneers under the name of The Floor Store. After 25 years’ experience in the local Gisborne area we decided to give our brand the upgrade it deserved, and relaunched as MODO Flooring.

Our ongoing commitment to flooring innovation has seen MODO Flooring flourish, consistently delivering high quality service to our customers.


There is a reason floorboards continue to rank amongst the most popular flooring options for residential and commercial spaces alike. Adding a natural feel to your space, floor boards are an excellent addition to your property. If you are looking for experienced wooden floor installers in the Christchurch or Gisborne area, look no further. Our experts are industry trained and can help you with all your wooden flooring needs


Forget what you think about tacky lino, our vinyl flooring comes in a huge range of contemporary looks. With a variety of colours, textures and designs to choose from vinyl offers stylish cost effective solutions to any space.


MODO Flooring provide hundreds of environmentally friendly carpeting options to suit your tastes. Our 100% wool carpets provide luxurious flooring with strong and hardwearing materials. Choose from pure wool, wool blends or an extensive range of quality synthetic carpets to achieve the best results for your space, use, design and budget.


Perfect for both residential and commercial spaces, tiles are a timeless option to your flooring needs. Offering endless options of texture, size, colour, patters and material, tiles offer a great way to customize your space. A hardwearing and low maintenance solution, tiles can be perfect for both inside and outdoor areas.


MODO Flooring is proud to now be the trusted provider of flooring solutions to the Christchurch region. As expert flooring specialists, Christchurch now has access to the best wooden floor installers, vinyl experts and carpeting specialists.


From luxurious residential wooden floors to commercial tiling spaces, our flooring specialists are experienced in all aspects of assessment, quoting, consulting and installation. With MODO Flooring you know you are getting the best flooring services possible.


Our experts have spent years in the industry and are full of knowledge. With so much to consider when choosing your flooring it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Our team at MODO Flooring can assist with all your queries, from flooring care, to eco-friendly choices, décor tips and more.

Find out more about why MODO Flooring are the best in the industry, or contact us today to book an appointment.